Single Bungalow

Single Bungalow Rate: Exclusive breakfast
Small (8)
1,000.- Baht
1,000.- Baht

Family Bungalow Rate : Exclusive breakfast

Family Bungalow
Family Bungalow

Whole Bungalow
Family (1)
2,200.- Baht

Whole Bungalow
Air Conditioner Room (1)
1,500.- Baht


- Fan & mosquito net, thai deck chair on balcony
- Shower and toilet room
- Warm Water Shower

No show charge: one night will be applied automatically for any no show reservation

Cancellation : any cancellation made less than 7 days prior to the arrival date, wll be subject to a cancellation charge of one night

Touring Phang Nga the adventurous way

Apart from taking a tour or renting one's own boat, there are few options for getting around Phang Nga Bay. The Bay is inhabitated by Muslim fishermen whose isolated villages dot the esturaine mangrove swamps. They travel in their own longtail boats. there is only one regularpublic boat service connecting Phuket and the Bay. This runs from the Northeast corner of Phuket at Bang Rong Pier to Koh Yao Noi, one of teh two large islands in the centre of the bay. This island has a population of several thousand clustered around and a small town in the centre. A rough road network runs through and around most of the island.

Visiting Yao Noi is for the adventurous only, for the transport is completelylocal and the accommodations basic. Bult if one wants to visit a rural Thai community, a quiet peaceful island and take in some beautiful scenery this is agood bet.

The ferry boat is an oceanic beast of burden with longtail truck engine balanced high at back. Typically, it carries two dozen people inside and a tonne of assorted market goods on the roof. This runs directly to a large jetty in the channel between Yao Noi (small) and Yao Yai (big) islands. Waiting by the jetty are a couple of small tuk tuksand mototcycle taxis, ready to take visitors to any of four bungalow establishments scattered around the island. On the Southeast coast is Sabai Corner, a few bungalows run by Italian woman and her Thai husband. Further up that coast is Long Beach with about 30 bungalows, each with a great view od islands directly in front. Towards the more rugged and beautiful Northeast corner, but accessed by the main road through the centre of the islands, is Mut's bungalow. There are only five rooms here and they can be booked by calling Sea Canoe in Phuket.

Though Yao Noi island sits right in the middle of Phang Bay it has only a little mountainous karst geography at its northern end. The roads can't enter here, and again, one has to go by boat to get to the spectacular lttle bays and beaches there. The island's isolated roads and tracks are ideal for mountain biking, and the one can easily take abike on the roof of the ferry.



Baan Tha Khao Bungalow
23/2 Moo 4, Tha K
hao Beach, KohYao-Noi District, Phang-Nga
Koh YAo Noi
H/P : 081 6767726 , Tel/Fax (66 76) - 597564

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